Element V

Our collection is divinely inspired by feng shui, the art and science of living in harmony with nature’s forces. It is the practice of harnessing these forces of energy that benefits your well-being.

One of the basic principles of feng shui is related to the five elements it encompasses. The elements that organize our collection have unique characteristics. Each element is represented by a specific color, direction, season, condition, movement, number and trigram, or shape. Additionally, each element corresponds to our vital organs, senses, body characteristics and emotions.

Applying the principles and philosophy of Feng Shui to your outward appearance allows you to positively effect your essence, intentions and personal appearance—your SPIRIT, MIND and BODY—enabling you to attract or manifest your intentions to live a balanced, spiritual and harmonius lifestlye. Feng Shui is not only about changing your physical surroundings, it is also about changing yourself from within. Our collections are ‘designed for the body and made for the soul’. Please allow 1-3 weeks for shipping on all items from Element V.